Monday, April 17, 2006

evil network

Today, silently while I worked, the system administrators turned off all the external network ports and broke the web proxy server. Instantly I was cut off from all the marvelous things I was doing, including a literature search.

I have two complaints:

  1. Notify your users before you change the network. No matter what you're doing. It may affect them.

  2. Notify your users who they can call for support in case of an outage. Everyone I talked to said "yeah it sucks, but it's not my problem."

Bite me admins. At least I still have HTTP access. Anyone willing to put up an http tunnel for me?


Anonymous said...

We had an issue with poor communication at work, but it was with data migration from one server to another. An eager admin started moving data early, without notification, while I was working on data in those folders. He couldn't move half the stuff because I still had it open! I lost lots of time searching for my stuff and moving it back so it worked again. He denied touching it at the time, and then sent out a big apology email right before he went home.
Wanker. Good luck finding someone to give you real information.

Anonymous said...

If you're on a *nix machine, httptunnel and PingTunnel are possible options.

I've havn't used either program, but I've been in situations where I've needed one or the other.