Monday, April 03, 2006

broken movielinks

I went to AOL's movie download thing (MovieFone) because I heard they had started selling movies for download! The prices are kinda high (US$3.95) since I think they are one-time view licenses. Nonetheless, I wasn't sure, so I clicked the "Learn how Movielink works" link in the middle of the page. Next, because I am in Australia, I was redirected to a "Screw You" page. I can't even read how it works?! Restricting geographical access to movies is a legitimate plan, but I just want to learn how it works. Lame. Could someone in the states send me the content on their "how it works" page?

(Link to screengrab of error)

Update (10-Apr): Thanks for the page grab, Jacob. (PDF 174k)

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