Friday, September 22, 2006

heck of a day

Though the latest trend has been bad days for me, today was completely different.

It started off with a good parking spot, and a good meeting with my advisor. He gave me some compliments and as always, made me feel good about myself.

Next, I got another good parking spot, and had another good meeting.

Later I got home, craving some chili, so I started working on that, all the while waiting for the cable guy to come "fix" my connectivity problems.

Minutes after I got back, FedEx showed up with an early birthday present... an espresso maker. Woohoo! Thanks, Mom, I need this!

The chili is cooking, and cable guy shows up. He's really nice and changes some fittings, making the resistance between my modem and the network node much less and hopefully fixing the problem. He buys my old clunky 17" monitor (which has been with me since junior year of high school).

Feeling productive and optimistic, I call the department of ed to ask what I have to do to "fix" my loan situation (due to a mistake by the registrar, my interest capitalized and I lost my grace period while I was in Oz). They explain why the interest hasn't been removed from the principle -- boiling down to the registrar not reporting me as full time during the last summer. Annoying. I don't know what the deal is, but they say to file another deferrment request, hopefully they'll provide the right data. I gear up to raise hell at the registrar's office on Monday.

An hour later, the nice woman from DoE calls back and says they fixed it. No need to argue with the registrar! Yay!

Now I'm waiting for R to show up (she's visiting this weekend), and anticipating the much craved Chili/Cornbread dinner that's mostly ready. Mmm.

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