Monday, August 01, 2005


I've been meaning to post this for a while now.

Around bloomington, I've seen a surplus of "vsop" markings on walls and stuff. I figured, "Hey, why not catalog where they are as an exercise to learn XML and Google Maps API?" Well, it was not exactly simple, but without too much difficulty I give you . . .

Bloomington VSOP!


Anonymous said...

do you know what vsop is?

Sid Stamm said...

I've compiled a short list of what I believe it means, if I'm missing one, please enlighten me.

Very Superior Old Pale Brandy or Cognac

A space observatory program

A quintet

A type of breadboarding adapter

A record label producing jazz (a.k.a. Very Special Old Phonography)

Sid Stamm said...

Whoops, missed one.

A New Jersey gang called "Van Nostrand Soldiers Out Politicking"

Sid Stamm said...

It's also:
A Veterinary Student Outreach Program

Anonymous said...

wake up wake up to the pre-sense.

it is here it is now.

ending soon. all is ending.

choose your own adventure.

Tori said...

Personally, I like to think that it's Very Small Outline Package

I like to think that they're well educated. =P

Sid Stamm said...

To the cryptic oracle who talks in riddles:

"wake up wake up to the pre-sense.
it is here it is now.
ending soon. all is ending.
choose your own adventure."

I'm confused. What are you telling me? Did you intend "presence" with the play on words?

Anonymous said...

yes. play on words.

Sid Stamm said...

I'm learning. Please educate the ignorant (me).

Anonymous said...

s0m3wh3r3 1nb3tw33n y0urt03s
th3r3 ex1sts s0m3 h4x0r c0d3.

jesus love a watermelon
mmm mm mmm mmmm

Anonymous said...

Its the alki bottles.. I know the dude who does them (its more than one person)

Anonymous said...

Theres a huge one out at this quarry hole behind Southern something church
the church can be seen from highway 37 going toward bedford... Its hard toget out there but its HUGE! The nicknames for the quarry are 420 and sanders...