Thursday, August 18, 2005

desktop background

So today, the facilities people came in and stole my Sunblade 100, but they replaced it with a Dell Optiplex GX620. Now I have more desk space thanks to the brand new 20 inch dell flat panel!

Only one dilemma: I've been forced to switch window managers from tvtwm to vtwm (not a big diff), and xsetroot doesn't work anymore. This means I have to use xsetbg, which loads a background image.

Thus my dilemma! I don't know of any good background images, does anyone have a suggestion? I need it to be dark in tones, and 1600x1200.


Anonymous said...

Digital Blasphemy is my favorite place.

I like Haiku

Anonymous said...

The manpage for vtwm claims xsetroot should work?

Sid Stamm said...

Tell that to the install of VTWM here in IUCS. I get a black and white pixel snow pattern, it's REALLY hard on the eyes.

Sid Stamm said...

maybe you misunderstand, not hard on the eyes like Quazimodo, but like bright lights.