Friday, July 29, 2005


Me: "Hey, could I get some tuner-style lug nuts?"
Mechanic: "Yeah, twelve by one point five?"
Me: "Yeah, it's a Honda, but just four... got twelve others on my car. Suckers are expensive."
Mechanic: "Yeah, they are. Hang on." (time passes) "Here you go." (places them on the counter)
Me: "Those look funny, you got any with the driver in the middle instead of around the outside?"
Mechanic: "Nah, they stopped making those. Stripped off too easy."
Me: "Shit. Well can I get an adapter for these?"
Mechanic: "Hang on." (walks away, time passes . . . puts a bag of nuts and adapter on the table. There are clearly 16 nuts in the bag) "Here, how's this work?"
Me: "Uh..."
Mechanic: "Does ten bucks sound fair?"
Me: (realizing they usually cost at least $2 each from this place) "Yeah, sure, damn! Thanks man."
Mechanic: (blowing it off) "That way you can bring your car up to date."

I wanted to hug the guy. Last time I bought such "tuner style" lug nuts and an adapter it cost me fifty bucks (ten for the adapter, which is now obsolete).


Anonymous said...

You should have tried to get some ``mixed nuts'' instead.


I'll be here all week, please tip your waiter.

Sid Stamm said...

For those of you in the audience who didn't get that joke, you should read up on my publications. ;-)