Wednesday, July 20, 2005

no purchase necessary

The common promotional giveaway line now mocks us, "No purchase necessary." What ever happened to the freebie giveaways? You used to buy a Pepsi (ack!) and get a chance at winning another Pepsi or a million bucks simply by redeeming a "winning game piece" or cap. That was always nice, now you have to go to some stupid website, give them your private info, and type in a code!

Is there really "No Purchase Neccesary?" I claim that you have to buy access to the web in order to win. You could argue that it's the same as simply buying gas or a bus ticket to the store, but can't you also walk?

Today the vending machine got the best of me. I bought a pack of Skittles, but it didn't drop down. So I bought a second one and (thankfully) got both. They're promoting a "use the force" Star Wars thing with "collectable packages" and codes inside to redeem. The package is adorned with "Win Instantly!" Frankly, aren't all wins instant? You are not-winning, and then SUDDENLY, you win. Only this time, I have to wait longer and give out info about me before I can determine if I won instantly, or rather ten minutes ago when I bought the snack.

And how do I know this code has even a remote chance of winning? It is a waste of my time to go fill out a web form. Shame on you snack and soda industry. Shame.

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Sid Stamm said...

Oh, I totally agree. It was lame before, but now it's worse because you have to waste your time *EVEN IF* you buy their product.

I think the catchphrase should have been (and should be) "No purchase of our products required."