Wednesday, July 20, 2005

no purchase necessary

The common promotional giveaway line now mocks us, "No purchase necessary." What ever happened to the freebie giveaways? You used to buy a Pepsi (ack!) and get a chance at winning another Pepsi or a million bucks simply by redeeming a "winning game piece" or cap. That was always nice, now you have to go to some stupid website, give them your private info, and type in a code!

Is there really "No Purchase Neccesary?" I claim that you have to buy access to the web in order to win. You could argue that it's the same as simply buying gas or a bus ticket to the store, but can't you also walk?

Today the vending machine got the best of me. I bought a pack of Skittles, but it didn't drop down. So I bought a second one and (thankfully) got both. They're promoting a "use the force" Star Wars thing with "collectable packages" and codes inside to redeem. The package is adorned with "Win Instantly!" Frankly, aren't all wins instant? You are not-winning, and then SUDDENLY, you win. Only this time, I have to wait longer and give out info about me before I can determine if I won instantly, or rather ten minutes ago when I bought the snack.

And how do I know this code has even a remote chance of winning? It is a waste of my time to go fill out a web form. Shame on you snack and soda industry. Shame.


jacob said...

When you have to send a SASE for a game piece it's still "no purchase necessary" because it's no purchase from the company issuing the game piece - you still have to buy two stamps from the post office.

Likewise the purchase required to transmit your message across the internet is no different.

Now if they had said "no giving away of personal information for free required" then that would be false...

(this is the point I was trying to articulate the other day)

Sid Stamm said...

Oh, I totally agree. It was lame before, but now it's worse because you have to waste your time *EVEN IF* you buy their product.

I think the catchphrase should have been (and should be) "No purchase of our products required."