Tuesday, July 19, 2005

bob's married

Another one of my friends (Bob) got married over the weekend, so RAM and I went to the Iowa wedding. It was a pretty nice (and huge!) service, with a rockin' party. Only sad thing about the party was the DJ: he didn't have any music that most Dee-Jays have, such as Van Morrison, the chicken dance etc...

While we were there, RAM spotted a pizza spot:

The name of which was ironic, since we were at Bob's wedding, and the following day were going to visit RAM's uncle Bob.

So we visited him, and it was nice. Ames, Iowa is pretty much like Bloomington, Indiana. A college and a few other people. Granted, Iowa State has a rockin' agriculture program so they've got better food and scenery. We went to a garden and saw flowers and butterflies.

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Anonymous said...

You drove all the way to Iowa, and you didn't even stop to say hi?! =P I'm glad you had a good trip.