Monday, May 21, 2007

Maker Faire

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Since I'm out in the bay area for the summer (yay!), I'm taking advantage of the events like Maker Faire that are going on. A friend and I popped in on Saturday and had a look around at the cool gadgety-geek things. See my Flickr photo set for more photos...

Anyhow, while there, I ran into Mark Frauenfelder, which was cool, and chatted at him for a little while about this party that he inspired.

Earlier today I was making some coffee in a common area and Cory Doctorow just happened into the same kitchen, sparking a bit of quick conversation before he was whisked away to a meeting.

It's kind of fun being in a place where you can randomly run into all these cool people...

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Anonymous said...

I'm more than a bit jealous on this one. I get Makezine and have been wanting to go for months... it looks like it was a blast.