Thursday, May 31, 2007

interesting visitors

john edwards
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One of the great benefits of working at Google is the flock of people who come to speak. Yesterday I listened to Michael Griffin, Administrator of NASA, talk about the future of the country's space program. He even showed us pretty pictures of their new plans for a moon rocket.

Later in the day, John Edwards popped in for a "fireside chat," and let us ask him questions. By far, the most interesting part was when he was answering our questions. It was unusual for a politician, but he was more likable when answering off-the-cuff than when he was participating in somewhat scripted discussion with the host. Things I remember: (1) he is going to do fifty billion things in his first six months if he is elected, (2) $3bln for running water, sewer, in other countries, (3) "nice haircut", and (4) "I was a dumbass when I voted for the war in Iraq" [[not a direct quote]].


Anonymous said...

What the hell did you Googlers do to Griffin? Please tell me you kept him out all night drinking or something? At least that would be an explanation for this morning's shenanigans that I would understand.

No links in comments? WTF?

Sid Stamm said...

Yeah... no comment.

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