Monday, January 23, 2006

prince paul obinwa

I take great pleasure in my 419 scam emails, and I recently got a very funny one. Prince Paul Obinwa writes about his dead father, jealous uncle, and US$8.6 Million he wants to invest in US real-estate. His uncle is not happy, he says:

"He is not happy with me because I am going to be the next king in village and he's not just happy about it."

Good excuse. Now why would a guy want to invest the royal treasury in US real estate? That would be like the prince of Jordan wanting to buy Germany (related Link).

Anyway, click the image in this post to see the whole image -- it's necessary to get the full effect of Prince Paul Obinwa.

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Karen said...

Well real estate is a VERY lucrative business...CLEARLY he's put a lot of thought into it!