Wednesday, January 11, 2006

marshmallow madness

Holy crap does the Swiss Miss Marshmallow Lover's cocoa mix have lots of mini-sugary-marshmallows. I opened the can of mix just now and it looked like packing peanuts, and now they've all melted away into my cup of cocoa.

Hot cocoa always reminds me of elementary school. Something possessed me in the 5th grade to sign up to be one of those "safety patrol" kids. You know the job: you wear a special orange sash, and tell kids when to cross the street. I was lured in by delusions of grandeur, and highly disappointed when none of the kids would listen to me -- even the frickin' third graders. I had to take a test to get the job too: predict how long it would take a car to get to where I was on the side of the road. Really it was just a depth perception test, and after giving me the depth-test, my eye doctor always told me I could parallel park her car anytime.

Anyhow, after "patrol" on the cold days, I would go back into the school and put away the sash. They always had a water heater and huge Sam's Club sized can of Swiss Miss waiting for the safety patrol kids.

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