Friday, October 14, 2005

facebook is a drug

overheard in dormitory elevator

girl1: "I don't use facebook."
boy: "It's so awesome. I waste all my time there."
girl1: "Yeah, that's why I'm scared of it."
girl2: "Facebook is a DIRTY DRUG! I love it."

later, outside I heard:

girl1: "Did you see? She friended [guy] on facebook."
girl2: "Aaah! What a bitch! She keeps stealing all my cute friends."
girl1: "How well do you know him?"
girl2: "Oh, he just messaged me once yesterday."

Notice, the college student vernacular has been amended recently with terms such as "friending" (a verb that means listing as a friend in one's social network). And people are oh-so-posessive about their friend lists!


Michel said...

Is that a real new verb, or just a contraction - quite probably newly coined, as I doubt it's part of the teen vernacular - of befriending ?

One hopes we don't get to the Friendster situation, of some people having hundreds of contacts in multiple accounts (because they hit the maximum limit). Makes Slashdot karma whores look restrained.

Sid Stamm said...

I believe whole-hartedly that it's a new verb. You befriend someone when you meet them in person, hang out, and enjoy being with that person. You friend someone when you add them to your "friends" list.

I too have heard of the obscene hundreds of "friend" contacts in their accounts. Seems rediculous to me, how would you ever find someone? I suppose you could do a search, but if you're going to go that far you should just search the public directory.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget "facebook" as a verb, too, as in "Facebook me!"