Friday, October 14, 2005

facebook is a drug

overheard in dormitory elevator

girl1: "I don't use facebook."
boy: "It's so awesome. I waste all my time there."
girl1: "Yeah, that's why I'm scared of it."
girl2: "Facebook is a DIRTY DRUG! I love it."

later, outside I heard:

girl1: "Did you see? She friended [guy] on facebook."
girl2: "Aaah! What a bitch! She keeps stealing all my cute friends."
girl1: "How well do you know him?"
girl2: "Oh, he just messaged me once yesterday."

Notice, the college student vernacular has been amended recently with terms such as "friending" (a verb that means listing as a friend in one's social network). And people are oh-so-posessive about their friend lists!


Sid Stamm said...

I believe whole-hartedly that it's a new verb. You befriend someone when you meet them in person, hang out, and enjoy being with that person. You friend someone when you add them to your "friends" list.

I too have heard of the obscene hundreds of "friend" contacts in their accounts. Seems rediculous to me, how would you ever find someone? I suppose you could do a search, but if you're going to go that far you should just search the public directory.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget "facebook" as a verb, too, as in "Facebook me!"