Wednesday, April 20, 2005

the talk

I gave a lecture at the University of Minnesota on the 15th, and it was loads of fun. I was relatively surprised, though, that none of the faculty showed up for the talk -- if not only to heckle me. I talked about visualizing secure protocols... including a private polling method known as Randomized Response Technique (for the mathy people). This is kind of cool, being invited and all, I feel important.

Thanks to all those involved for throwing a plane ticket and free meals my way. It was a blast.

BTW, slides are available on my website.

Now to get off my high horse, I must add that my interest in the spoken area (privacy & crypto protocols) keeps growing, and I hope to submerge myself fully next year. I had planned to find a dissertation area this year, but yeah... that didn't work. We'll see how deep in it I can go next year.

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Anonymous said...

We were happy to have you! Spike asks us where Sid has gone and we don't know what to tell her. My heart breaks to see the poor dear so upset:(

It was good to see you, I will encourage faculty to do more heckling next time!
You did a phenomenal job!