Saturday, November 11, 2006

pirate spam

I got an email today with a subject "Nicholas has uploaded new software for you". The link provided is one to a "deep discounts" software site where you can buy $9000 software for $150. What interested me was the extra content in the mail to get past spam filters.

perform the following steps:
To fix this problem, you can have the text filter send a FORM
2. Members of the FreeBSD group who are active testers, willing to
aptly named kernel. You should always use kernel for
probable location of the failing piece of code (e.g., the pcvt driver
language-based printers) which cannot directly print plain text.
below the soft limit, the grace period will be reset.
to be transmitted and expected.
old trusty config file after upgrading from a pre-FreeBSD2.0.5.R
a page, specify them with the ff capability in /etc/printcap.
Bring a printer up; the opposite of the down command.
text filter for a printer, it sets the filter's standard input to the
does not start somewhere on the middle of the last page of the
Floppy drive controller: fd0 is the ``A:'' floppy drive, and fd1
printf "\033&k2G" || exit 2
regular kill instead

And it goes on. Some of my favorite quotes from the message are:

"give them the 'machine ID' and they will respond with a corresponding rose: Permission denied"

"touch your tree."

"Print jobs who wish to make topical suggestions on changes and the general (horizontal, vertical). So, first think, then format. The format controller! In general, every reconfiguration of a SCSI bus must pay"

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Anonymous said...

I get a lot of these emails that use techniques to bypass my spam filters.

A lot just dump a load of meaningless text into the top of the email, some have random ramblings like the one you described.

However, some are far more inventive - I've had 1000 word poems, multiple recipes for chicken and even passages from the Bible added to emails!