Sunday, March 19, 2006

social weekend

This weekend was mostly a social one. I spent a little alone time walking into Wollongong and walking back up the beach -- that was nice. I saw some humongous pelicans. They must've been person-sized (I saw someone walk up to them), and their long necks made them look even bigger. Later on, I was sitting at a cafe trying desperately to eavesdrop on a political discussion a few Aussies were having. I heard one of them say "the problem with Americans is..." then he trailed off. Never did learn the problem, though if I had, they would have had a fourth discussant and perhaps an argument on their hands.

Friday night was fun watching people walk around incredibly plastered. St. Patrick's day is one of those western-culture drinking days -- I can't really think of any others except maybe Mardi Gras. I attended a couple of parties; one of them was great because we represented most of the globe: Japan, US, Australia, Bangladesh, China, Malaysia, India, Ireland, France, Germany, UAE, Lebanon,Colombia, Kenya, etc.

Saturday was fun too, another party (a birthday party for a guy whose birthday was in January). I won a limbo contest. Who knew I could bend that way.

I should do something exciting next weekend. Maybe I will tool around Sydney.

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