Friday, February 17, 2006

walking Wollongong

screwy sculpture
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I decided to venture out and explore the downtown area of Wollongong today. I figured there *had* to be more to do there than nearby my cell. I took the bus into town, and even though I have a "bus concession" on my student ID, I still had to pay $1.40 for a five minute ride. I decided I would walk back.

At first I was a bit intimidated by the Crown St Mall (the main attraction downtown aside from the lighthouses and beaches). When I got off the bus there were just SHOPS everywhere, and lots of people to boot. I walked through the mall quickly, looking for a cafe where I could park myself and have a coffee. I didn't find any that looked inviting. Either they were too crowded, had no al fresco seating, or ritzy-looking. I walked on.

As I approached the beach, I came up on the "Entertainment Center" that is showcasing Rob Thomas tomorrow night. Near to it was the City Beach. It's a really nice beach with showers and all, but lots of people. I walked on (north towards the lighthouse) and got an eye on some old "nuns baths" (Link to PDF tourguide) where women and children used to bathe. These were natural pools elevated from the surf; it was really hard to get a good picture without a zoom lens (which I lack).

I turned around and walked back towards the mall, stopping at the tourist center to pick up some postcards, then I passed by the art museum (that's the picture in this entry). I have to visit sometime when its open!

Heading back into the mall, I settled on a cafe, had a coffee, and lifted my courage. Touring the shops, I purchased a beach towel that is nearly the size of my bed covers (HUGE!) and began looking for a fan. My room is hot, I need a small window fan. How hot is it? I slept in my skivvies last night on top of the covers with the window wide open -- and still woke up sticky and hot. It was 95 today (Fahrenheit, of course).

Anyway, I'll summarize the rest of my day:

  • My cell phone is network-locked, I can't buy a prepaid SIM card for it. This is no big deal, since prepaid is $0.76/minute.

  • Places were sold out of fans

  • It is more fun to walk back than to take the bus

  • 99% of the people on the beach occupy 1% of its area.

  • I should learn to surf

A random Aussie dude (studying nanotech) sat by me at dinner today and suggested I visit Queensland and snorkel the Great Barrier Reef. I think that sounds great.

I took more pictures (not many more) today. (Link)

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