Monday, May 02, 2005

about midgley

On Friday, some students held an anti-Midgley rally on the Rose-Hulman campus. There's a ton of turmoil about the quality of the newly-elected president of the college, Jack Midgley.

I thought it was pretty tacky how they made shirts that said "Hit the Road Jack" on them and gave them out for free. Nonetheless, lots of people expressed legitimate concerns for his qualifications.

There were some offshoot protests that showed up, such as the anti-rally-protesters who carried large question marks and chanted "we don't know what's going on!" Also, one person walked around wearing a shirt that said "Fuck the man."

Some people didn't like the shirt, so they told him to take it off. Instead, he made a poster that said Censorship S*cks.

This event was amazing, mostly because this is the first time that students have publicly voiced a strong opinion about ANYTHING in public at Rose-Hulman. I guess there is one other time: there was a protest to get Captain Crunch back in the cafeteria, but that's trivial.


Anonymous said...

How about the mild uprar about the demise of Chickenetti?

Anonymous said...

I thought it was "chicketti."