Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Travel Bubble

Why is it that when people travel they tend to ignore others? I went home for Thanksgiving, and noticed people in the airports have this two foot bubble around them, and nothing exists outside of it. Clots of people stand in the center of narrow hallways, couples step of escalators and stop inches from the edge, mothers park strollers in front of doorways, and people abruptly stop -- right in front of you.

I make a conscious effort to avoid such behaviors, but I know I'm too a bubble-person at times. I urge everyone to be aware of others and at least realize that other people may be sharing the same space as you! Although, this has kind of a poetic mirror to the "me! me!" attitude we have in this country...

On a lighter note, I learned that stuffing, salad, turkey, and cranberry relish makes a great burrito, and that sometimes you get lucky: my long-term parking receipt from the airport says 3:23:59. One minute more, and I would have been charged for the fifth day!

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Palila said...

Whoo! Way to beat the system!

or something like that.