Friday, May 20, 2011

Do Not Track -- Now on Firefox Mobile!

Since we first announced our implementation of the Do Not Track HTTP
, we've seen an amazing amount of support from trade groups, and even other browser makers.
To build on our view that you should have control of how you're tracked
on not only desktop computers but also your mobile devices, we're
excited to announce that the latest beta of Firefox for Android also includes this feature.

You can enable Do Not Track in the latest beta of Firefox for Android through an
easy-to-find switch in the preferences--see image to the right, and websites will see exactly the same signal that Do Not Track-enabled desktop browsers send. Every time Firefox loads a web page, image, or advertisement it includes a "DNT: 1" signal that tells the entire web you don't want to be tracked.

The web on your phone should be the same web as on your desktop, so to
provide this consistency we've put the exact same Do Not Track feature
in both the desktop and mobile versions of Firefox.

Try it out today! Grab the latest beta of Firefox for Android and turn on the feature. If you visit my blog from Firefox (mobile or desktop) with Do Not Track turned on, the widget below will glow green just for you.


theone said...

When I turn on 'do not track' in Firefox 4, I CANNOT log in to my Linksys WRT120N router. Works fine if function is unchecked.

rizeworkshop said...

i wish i can create a map of my tracks

Sid Stamm said...

@rizeworkshop: we're working on it! For now, check out Atul's "Collusion" add-on at (note: requires sending his site a bunch of information).

mensajes claro said...

I love firefox and all of their new invetions , This "Do not track" for mobile its pefect , It keeps me save, Off course mozilla is always doing always better .

Florian said...

does this work for google analytics?

Sid Stamm said...

@Florian: I don't think Google Analytics honors Do Not Track requests. Site operators can configure GA to only use the analytic data on their site _for their site_. That means no cross-site data sharing. That is how I use GA to measure hits on my web page, and it means they won't cross-correlate your data on my site with other sites. It's not honoring DNT, but doing this for all of my web site visitors.