Friday, February 09, 2007

despicable rebate service

I bought something a while ago that was half-price after rebate. Anyway, proud of my purchase I promptly filed the rebates and went on my way. One of the rebate checks still has not arrived, so I called the company (Parago) today.

After navigating through an annoying options tree, I finally got a person and he confirmed exactly what their website had said: the rebate is valid and is scheduled for "final processing." Last time I had called, the service rep said that the rebate terms required at least ten weeks for processing. They got it on the 13th of October (which is probably a bad sign since that's a Friday too), and I called on week 9. The rep said to wait, and it should be out shortly, but refused to give me a time frame.

It's week 17, so I called and asked about the ridiculous wait and the guy said that it is scheduled to be mailed on March 14. Okay, so that is more than five months, or nearly 21 weeks. If I don't have the check in hand by March 19, I will begin emitting smoke from my ears.

Rebate Rule #45: Do not believe you will receive a rebate unless there is a maximum bound on the time it will take. "8-12 weeks" is tolerable, but "at least 10 weeks" is not. Due to the fine print, they could legally keep my money as long as they want.

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Anonymous said...

parago has probably very little to do with it.... since they have it and can see it, they obviously can't pay it. when this happens the manufacturer hasn't paid parago so they can't pay you... this is the biggest reason why we don't get our money... happens to all of them

whats the product, call them.

Sid Stamm said...

Here's my problem with the rebate: a friend and I each bought the same product within a week or two of each other.

He got his check months ago. So what would be different about my situation?

Anonymous said...

i don't know, but I worked at a company that worked with Parago and I know they don't get paid for phone calls or any other customer service so they have no reason not to want to pay you fast.

they are pretty good about paying if you are qualified so call back and tell them how long its been and that you want to speak to a supervisor or you will file a complaint. it seems way too long. post back what happens.

Sid Stamm said...

I've called them four times now. Last time I called (not today) I argued with the support person for a long time, and she refused to let me speak to her supervisor.

The time before, I got the support person to submit my rebate for "expedited review." I thought this was good until the result of the review came back as "you must wait more than ten weeks for the rebate check" -- not a check or date.

Today, at least, they told me a date that the check would be mailed once I explicitly asked. The guy on the line seemed unapologetic when I said that it has been more than fifteen weeks. Since it's no longer an indefinite wait (I hope), I am okay with waiting, though it still irks me that it will have taken 21 weeks.

My rebate has been in the "final stages of processing" for the last 15 weeks, and for the last five it has been reported as "valid" on their website...