Monday, January 15, 2007

fellowships, anyone?

I think it's impossible to get a graduate studies fellowship as a 4th year, White, Male, Computer Science PhD student.


MollyMonster said...

I am sorry you are having trouble. One of my friends who is female, asian, is having trouble getting into a good grad school. So maybe it isn't just you white boys.

Oh and it is so weird, every post from one titled: apwg: John Brozycki to this one just appeared on my LJ like they were posted today. And I know i've seen them before.


Sid Stamm said...

Yeah... the problem is, there just aren't fellowships for white guys in CS. Any other "minority" group has them. Hell, even Indian fellowships are available, but 1/2 of the grad students in our program are Indian.

BTW, the reason for the "refresh" probably is due to me just now upgrading to the new "blogger beta" that's no longer in beta. Shouldn't happen again... I hope.