Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Fishing, not Phishing

Apparently someone used a rod, line and hook to pull bags of money out of one of our local bank's night deposit boxes! (Link) The thief left the fishing pole at the scene (probably accidentally) giving investigators a clue about what happened.

Immediately, I see a quick low-tech fix. If bags entering the drop box wouldn't simply drop 3 feet to the floor, but instead slid down a spiral slide for 5 feet, it would be INCREDIBLY hard for someone to get a hook on a bag. Optionally, one could include a second door, a trap door, that opens only when there's enough weight to push it open. A bank fisher would then need one heck of a sinker to get the hook down to the bags! Any other ideas?

(Link to story)

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Anonymous said...

I'm imagining a darkroom door mounted on its side. Place your money in, give it a whirl, and your money is dumped on the other side. Spin it further to verify the empty cylinder.

Ratchet the cylinder for good measure. It might be able to reel in our fishing buddies.