Wednesday, November 16, 2005

what the duck?

(No that's not dandruff on my shirt.) Today the cold weather put me in an off mood. Mostly because I like to forget how cold it is when I'm inside. If white sh!t is falling from the sky, it's hard to forget that it's cold. Yesterday we got some nice thunderstorms (and tornadoes) and 60 degree weather. Today we got 24 and snow flurries. "In like a lion, out like a lamb." Does that mean we'll have an early, pleasant spring?

So apparently my neighbors are into decorations. They had a nice hay bale with "Colts" Jack-O-Lanterns and maze for Halloween, now there's this Christmas-light duck on the porch. (Mind you, we share this porch, the space used for decorations is between our doors.) I don't so much mind the decorations ('cause I wouldn't know how to decorate, that's for sure), but this one's strange. It's a duck. In 3-D. And there's a motor that makes its head bob back and forth slowly to make it look kind of like its waddling. Why?

Since I'm in a picture-posting frenzy, I might as well throw this one in there. A few weeks ago, Palila, Cheech and I went to The Evil Empire to find a frisbee or football. We found a nice football, but without a price tag so we went looking for one of those scanner things. We found this sign pointing to ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. It pointed at an empty floor. Needless to say, the price gods did not come forth and give me a price under the sign.

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