Wednesday, October 04, 2006


Everybody sing: "Crappy birthday to you..."

Actually it hasn't been that bad. My motivation level is around 10%, though, so I didn't make it to Jiffy Lube in time for the $5 early-bird discount. I did pick up some stuff at the store that I needed, and ran over a nail in the Target parking lot. Thankfully there was an auto shop just around the corner so I could quickly get it fixed without driving on a donut for a week.

My car goes in tomorrow to get some new stoppers -- kind of a birthday present to the car, and a well needed repair. A car is kind of scary to drive if you can't stop well.

On another (more mischievous) note, I learned that Qdoba has a "customer card" kind of like the thing you have to use to get normal prices at the grocery store. Only difference is that you can track your purchases on their website (although I notice you can find this feature at too). I wonder if Qdoba sends you "addiction" reminders. Say you buy 2 burritos each week, then take a month off. Maybe they send you a note, "Hey, you must be going through burrito withdrawl... come in today and we'll give you 10% off!"

I wonder how secure their online databases are...

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Anonymous said...

Happy Belated Birthday!!! Sorry I missed telling you on your big day. I hope that 25 turns out to be an excellent year for you!!