Thursday, April 12, 2007

fighting the blogger navigation bar

When you host a blog on blogspot or use pretty much any template provided by blogger, an intrusive navigation bar appears at the top of the blog (login button, search box, blog this button, etc). While it's nice, it really prohibits integration with non-blog sites. For example, the blog at Stop-Phishing is hosted on blogspot, but we wanted to integrate it into the main Stop-Phishing webpage to provide a nice seamless design.

Anyhow, this was done with a positioning trick, basically drawing the template and the rest of the blog on top of the navigation bar by setting the z-layer higher than default. Recently, the blogger navbar CSS data changed to put the navigation bar at z-layer 500, drawing it above the template. Of course, we could begin fighting with them and put our template at z-layer 501, but this is a never-ending cycle.

I decided to place our template at z-layer 2147483647 (maximum integer in defined in Mozilla). Now the template is back on top. Lets see what happens next...