Tuesday, November 22, 2005

super mario marimba

Pure genius!

These guys (and gal) are amazing! Why don't we have more bands like this who play up the nostalgic nintendo game themes? (From BoingBoing)

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

what the duck?

(No that's not dandruff on my shirt.) Today the cold weather put me in an off mood. Mostly because I like to forget how cold it is when I'm inside. If white sh!t is falling from the sky, it's hard to forget that it's cold. Yesterday we got some nice thunderstorms (and tornadoes) and 60 degree weather. Today we got 24 and snow flurries. "In like a lion, out like a lamb." Does that mean we'll have an early, pleasant spring?

So apparently my neighbors are into decorations. They had a nice hay bale with "Colts" Jack-O-Lanterns and maze for Halloween, now there's this Christmas-light duck on the porch. (Mind you, we share this porch, the space used for decorations is between our doors.) I don't so much mind the decorations ('cause I wouldn't know how to decorate, that's for sure), but this one's strange. It's a duck. In 3-D. And there's a motor that makes its head bob back and forth slowly to make it look kind of like its waddling. Why?

Since I'm in a picture-posting frenzy, I might as well throw this one in there. A few weeks ago, Palila, Cheech and I went to The Evil Empire to find a frisbee or football. We found a nice football, but without a price tag so we went looking for one of those scanner things. We found this sign pointing to ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. It pointed at an empty floor. Needless to say, the price gods did not come forth and give me a price under the sign.


A skeleton got up and walked out of my closet this weekend. As a result, I spent a bit of time clearing my mind at the most peaceful spot in West Lafayette. I stood on the bridge and watched a family skip stones from the beach below. The little one (probably 3) was throwing in handfuls of sand, the father was just throwing rocks as far as he could, and the mother was trying hard to make them skip.

Edit: No, I don't live there... I was visiting RAM.

kung foo

My kung-foo is the best. I just gutted a php script to make a new (similar) one in 90 seconds, sent it to someone who installed it and it worked on the first try. Rock on.

Friday, November 11, 2005

the 'bu

TV sucks. That's why people parody it. Check out "The 'BU" by the Lonely Island people.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

leaf zen

This morning, as I was walking from the bus stop to the cafe (yeah, I know: hard life) I saw a couple who were about my age having a leaf fight. (This is kind of like a snow fight, but warmer.) Outside the public library are about ten large maple trees which have coated the ground with a beautiful red-orange blanket. I wanted to stand and watch them or take a picture, but I did not want to appear stalker-like. Perhaps I'll update this post with a literary picture later.