Thursday, December 29, 2005

bank froud

I got an email from "Chase Alert" yesterday that was telling me someone used my account from different locations, and I had to log in to verify legitimacy. Of course, since I don't have a Chase account, this stuck out like a sore thumb. I followed the link, and noticed that the site I was taken to had NOTHING to do with the bank. The URL was "" Apparently these phishers didn't want to even attempt a URL Spoof. Anyhow, I chuckled a bit at the URL, and threw the email away.

Today, I got another email, this time from "Chase Notification". It claimed that there was "possible froud." Yes, froud not fraud. I followed the link and ended up at "", yet another funny URL. Makes me wonder about the phishers -- though I suppose they're just using the means they have.

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GeorgiaPeach said...

Bank Froud is no laughing matter. It can be devistating to your credet repart.