Sunday, June 19, 2005

one ringy-dingy

I have a fiancee now!


Anonymous said...

HolyShit, WeSawThisComing, Mostly. What'sTheStory, SpillItNow!!

Zach said...

That's awesome. Congrats, kids! :)

Sid Stamm said...

Not much story, Palila. :) Just surprised her with a ring on a sandy beach at sunrise.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Holy crap..



jacob said...

congrats :)

Karen said...

Hello my darling Sid...I'm so excited and happy for you and my beautiful Rebecca...CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I hope everything is going well!
With love and a smile,
"K 2 the AREN"

CB said...

Haha! I knew you were planning something :-) Congrats!!


Anonymous said...

Congrats Sid!

Anonymous said...

Congrats Sid.
Married life is good. Melissa is a way better roomie than Matt for me.
You stud, keep us posted.
(Somewhere in South dakota)

IrishMafia said...

(think of something clever... think of something clever)

Tell her old Mafia said she must be somethin' special...

or else I'll break her knee caps.

just kiddin'. Congratulations brother! You're terribly good at secret keeping.

You bring your misses and I'll bring my misses and we'll go out for some drinks to celebrate.

Bob said...

Well nobody saw that one coming. Well congratulations you two. And with how amazingly creative you are, all you came up with was a sandy beach at sunrise? I expected a better story than that. Well I am really happy for the two of you and wish you the best. Congrats again.

Anonymous said...

My hopes and dreams of you proposing to me one day have now been shattered!! I guess she looks better in a wedding dress than I do.

Congrats you two! Keep all of us posted about the big day.

Anonymous said...

[sorry to threadjack here]


What are you up to? Drop me an email keith [at] caseysoftware com

Sid Stamm said...

No prob, Keith. Meehling needs to send his email my way too. (HINT HINT)

DJ Frizz-C said...

Oh, holy cow! That is so sweet.
Man, you guys better have some hippie type wedding on a river in Canada or something. Someplace you can drink the water straight from the source. Cause that's how cool and pure you are.

Oh how engagements do bring people together. I want some contact with Meehling and Keith D Casey. I need more Sidvicious communications, too.